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Journal Club is an app designed to allow for fast, efficient access to top landmark articles that drive the standard of patient medical care. Hundreds of articles are available for review and may be organized by either Trial name, Specialty or Disease. Each article is then broken down into a succinct summary, starting with a “Bottom Line” take-home conclusion for the given trial, followed by major points within the article, guidelines, study design, patient population, interventions, outcomes, criticisms and funding. Furthermore, additional follow-up articles pertinent to the landmark paper are included. Finally, a link to the PubMed citation, article as full text or full article as PDF is available. There are a variety of medical specialties represented from internal medicine to urology, although no plastic surgery specific articles are included. Specific articles can be tagged as favorites, allowing for fast, easy access and even shared via email or social media. The content is constantly updated. There was even an article included that was published within 2 months of writing this review. The breakdown for each paper is rather brilliant and excellently executed, laying out the meat of the paper at the beginning and then finishing with the details. On top of everything, the app allows for full access to all the articles included. With constantly updated content, this fact alone could justify its purchase. Although the content of the app is rich and the design incredibly well executed however, the unpardonable flaw is the sheer lack of plastic surgery content. The major utility of this app comes with aspect of complex patient management like postoperative anticoagulation and fluid resuscitation. For most medical students, it would serve as a great reference point, especially on medicine heavy rotations like SICU. However, we are tempering our enthusiasm a bit, as less than 20% of the content of the app likely has even mild relevance to our field. For those with interests in critical care, residents about to embark on rotations heavy in medical management or most medical students, this is a great resource to stay up to date on landmark articles. As one moves up the ranks into attendingship/private practice, the utility diminishes, however.

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